HW Image Widget example

This is an example of the responsive, user friendly HW Image Widget available for WordPress 3.5 and up. Its free for download from WordPress.org.

Did you know it sports the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for the text?


Development by Håkan Wennerberg
YUI Compressor with NetBeans

YUI Compressor in NetBeans

Combining and compressing JavaScript in any web project is a necessity in most cases. Let me show you how you could use YUI Compressor to combine and compress JavaScripts files automatically for you when using NetBeans with a PHP project.

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Export comments to Disqus not working?

You just installed Disqus commenting system and need to export existing WordPress comments to the service. However, the export “hangs” in WordPress admin leaving that wait icon spinning forever.

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WP plugin tip: Rewrite

I was just about to write my own WP plugin that would enable me to allow a specific URL to display the content of another URL based on regular expressions. But taking a quick look in the WordPress plugin directory made me find the “Rewrite” plugin by takien that did exactly this, and more.

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Route all outgoing e-mail to a local account

It cannot be emphasized enough how useful it is to be able to catch all outgoing e-mail from a system when you are developing and testing e-mail based functionality. This small guide shows you how I typically setup a Postfix/Dovecot combo for my local development environment that will route all e-mail being sent from your computer, to a local user account.

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Three paths to multiple web site versions

The trend has been going on for quite a while and it will continue. That is, the usage of mobile devices in various sizes are increasingly being used to browse the web for every day that goes by. For most, but not all, a mobile friendly view of a company site is a must. I been fortunate enough to be able to work on three different paths to get there and seen some of the good and bad in them.

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