I am available for hire when you need help with your existing project or that next big site you planned. With 18 years+ of development experience (plenty of PHP) and a strong work ethic, I will be able to help you with areas, like:

  • Development of web sites/applications.
  • Site migrations (especially WordPress).
  • Setup of virtual server stack.
  • Setup of version control servers.
  • Setup/configuration of deployment servers.

My services are more expensive than the guys you will find on those “hire a developer” sites. If you are frustrated with throwing your money away on “inexpensive” web developers, call me.

Who am I?

My name is HÃ¥kan Wennerberg and I have been developing actively since 1995. As Internet came along focus was gradually shifted towards web development starting in 1997 with Perl programming and later C# and PHP.

I am as interested in software architecture as in front-end UX, database servers and hosting environments. It makes me knowledgeable in many areas, not only in my main focus, development.

In later years I have been working with large scale WordPress development, migrations and hosting. It includes tuning an optimized WordPress environment and writing WordPress applications that will take advantage of those optimizations as well.

I am used to working in distributed/remote teams.