HW Image Widget example

This is an example of the responsive, user friendly HW Image Widget available for WordPress 3.5 and up. Its free for download from WordPress.org.

Did you know it sports the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor for the text?


Development by Håkan Wennerberg

Enabling Subversion 1.7 in NetBeans

If you upgraded TortoiseSVN lately you probably noticed that NetBeans / TortoiseSVN compatibility broke. This is because NetBeans at this time does not support the new Subversion 1.7 format. But it is fixable!

First of all, you need to specify the path to the svn.exe file provided by TortoiseSVN in NetBeans options window.

NetBeans SVN

Next we must tell NetBeans to use the commanline executable by adding -J-DsvnClientAdapterFactory=commandline to the program shortcut.

In my case the NetBeans shortcut looks like:

"C:\Program Files\NetBeans 7.0.1\bin\netbeans.exe" -J-DsvnClientAdapterFactory=commandline

Now restart NetBeans and enjoy continued NetBeans TortoiseSVN compatibility.

Written by Håkan Wennerberg

Håkan (also known as PuffyThePirateBoy) is a systems architect based in Lundsbrunn, Sweden. Currently focusing on web development, Håkan is passionate about all aspects of web engineering ranging from back-end system infrastructure to front-end UX.

Outside of work, Håkan has a (slight) obsession about motorcycles and constantly trying to figure out how to get money for a bike, and what model it should be :)


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